Logistic - Haulers that are available:

When you purchase a logistics blueprint on our website, you are not purchasing just a ship. Ships in Space Misfits are destructible. When buying the blueprint, you are buying the information you need to build a logistics ship. As a builder in Space Misfits you have the ability to not only build ships for yourself but also supply ships for the entire market. This gives the blueprint owner the ability to earn BITS building ships in the Forge and selling on the market. Players will be able to buy built ships on the open in-game market.

Another way blueprint owners can earn BITS is by making copies of their blueprint and selling these copies on the open market. This provides players who don't own a blueprint a chance to build ships as well. Blueprint copies require longer build times and consume more materials then original blueprints purchased in our store.

Currently we are in alpha and balancing the gameplay. More detailed information about specs on all logistics will be released in the future.

Logistics blueprints are extremely limited, purchase a logistics blueprint before we sell out! Purchase here.

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