Space Misfits is an open world multiplayer space game that features a player driven storyline that is powered by blockchain NFTs. Players can explore solar systems and planets, co-op in missions together, build ships, weapons and modules, and trade on the player driven open market. Each solar system and planet is procedurally generated with thousands of systems and planets to explore. Players will be able to dock their ships in space stations and use the services of each space station to transact, repair, refuel and interact with others.

A Coded Message

In the Age of the Star-bound, the infinite silence of the cosmos is cloven by strife. The Alliance of Suns and the Coalition of Free Systems engage in battles across the black in a war that has persisted for twenty years. Young sons and daughters – just kids when the bloodshed began – now take up helmet and wing to join the fight of their fathers.

But the discordance of war brings with it opportunity. The cunning and brave seek out the hidden treasures within. Pirates, ravagers, and scourgers alike risk everything for fame and fortune under a night sky free from oppressive governance.

It is that freedom that the Orion Misfits now chase. Our home – Space Station King Station – is a haven for the wanderer. I invite you to join us. For glory or gold, the Orion Misfits will sing free among the stars.

-- Maximillian Sinval, Capt. Cmdr. Orion Misfits

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