Orion Misfits have a new place to call home – King Station of the Illyria System. Embedded deep within a labyrinthine belt of asteroids, this station provides a haven with natural fortifications for its members. King Station also houses various forges and refineries that turn raw materials mined throughout the system into high-performance fighters.

A new threat emerges in the Illyria system. Many patrols have stopped reporting in. They have been assumed destroyed. The few scouts that have made it back did so with their ships held together with little more than willpower and hope. Investigation scans over the damage did not match with any known weapons used by the Alliance of Suns or the Coalition of Free Systems. This gives credence to the rumors about the unknown alien race that’s been hunting at the fringes of inhabited systems. The rumors have taken to calling this new faction, The Nameless.

This increased risk brings opportunity with it. The Nameless have an efficient method of faster-than-light travel using unique components. The few scans that the Orion Misfits have been able to analyze of The Nameless ships have revealed strange gravitational readings centered around their ships’ main drives. Engineers on King Station say that recovery of such graviton cells from the destroyed remains of The Nameless ships could be greatly beneficial in helping the Orion Misfits unlock the greater possibilities of interstellar travel.

We are calling all Orion Misfits to track down and destroy The Nameless and collect as many Graviton Cells as possible. Your efforts will not go unnoticed. The King Station is providing a hefty reward to the Orion Misfits who collect the most Graviton Cells. It’s vital to the future of all Orion Misfits that we learn as much as possible about The Nameless and their alien technology.

Event Rewards

#1 NFT – Seek and Learn : The Beginning Event Champion

  • $100 ENJ Backing
  • 2,000 SMC
  • $250 Store Credit
  • Unique In-Game Title

#2 - #10 NFT – Seek and Learn : The Beginning Event Hero

  • $10 ENJ Backing
  • $50 Store Credit
  • Unique In-Game Title
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