Telemetry is data that is collected all throughout the Space Misfits universe. It is a ERC1155 token with an infinite supply backed by 0.001 ENJ coins and earned in game, purchased on the Enjin market or purchased with Space Misfits’ ERC20 token (SMC). This data is used in the forging process to improve the level quality of ships, weapons and modules. In order for anyone to operate the forge a blueprint is required along with minerals, parts and Telemetry.

Telemetry is used in the forge to unlock different levels of items that are manufactured in the forge using blueprints. Each blueprint requires a unique telemetry. For example, the Striker blueprint used to manufacture the Striker fighter ship requires “Striker Telemetry” to build. You must own a specific telemetry for a specific ship, weapon or module. This makes collecting telemetry throughout Space Misfits crucial for anyone who wants to build their own ships. For those who opt out in building their own ships can choose to sell their telemetry on the market.

Telemetry unlocks higher levels of each item that is forged from blueprints.

Level 1 - 100 Telemetry required to unlock

Level 2 – 1,000 Telemetry required to unlock

Level 3 - 10,000 Telemetry required to unlock

Level 4 – 100,000 Telemetry required to unlock

(these numbers will adjust once we go live)

Each level unlocks a higher quality blueprint that is built in the forge. Telemetry cannot be lost in game. Because it is a ERC1155 it is held on a decentralized blockchain wallet. Players are free to trade their Telemetry on the open blockchain market and because it is backed by a small amount of Enjin it will always hold a real world value.

Telemetry can be earned in various game modes inside Space Misfits:

  • Arena
  • Missions
  • The Edge
  • NPC Drops
  • Events

Telemetry that is collected in game must be redeemed in the station to receive the ERC1155 tokens to the wallet. Players will access the Telemetry data center in each station to claim their Telemetry and to have their token transferred to their blockchain wallet.

Each blueprint requires its own unique Telemetry. For example, in order to build a level 1 Striker, you must own 1,000 Striker Telemetry. Each blueprint requires its own unique Telemetry so every blueprint has a corresponding ERC1155 Telemetry token.

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